Why choose Cerakote

Introducing Cerakote: The Ultimate thin film Ceramic Coating!

Cerakote stands as the industry leader in thin film ceramic coatings. When you choose Cerakote for your items, you can expect remarkable benefits:

Minimal material build: The thinness of Cerakote ensures that your items retain their original dimensions, free from any added bulk.

Unmatched toughness: Cerakote's resilience is unparalleled. It lasts ten times longer than competing products in corrosion tests and boasts scratch resistance. It can withstand drops and even endure being shot, all while preserving the integrity of its coating.

Aesthetically pleasing: With hundreds of colours to choose from, Cerakote has got you covered! These colours can be used to create patterns, camouflage, fades, splatter or anything you can imagine.

Cerakote is ideal for a wide range of applications, including:

- Automotive, motorcycle, and motorsport parts

- Airsoft, air rifles, and paintball guns

- Firearms

- PCs, gaming consoles, and controllers

- Keyboards and other electronics

- Household items like door handles

Cerakote can be applied to most metals and select plastics, offering versatility for various projects.

If you're uncertain about Cerakote's suitability for your specific project, feel free to reach out to us. Our experts are ready to provide guidance and help you determine if Cerakote is the perfect fit.

Discover the transformative power of Cerakote: the ultimate solution for unparalleled protection and longevity. Start your journey with Cerakote today!