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Now that you have been through why you should choose Cerakote its time to get the ball rolling on your very own Cerakote project. The Cerakote ceramic coating product you see below has pre priced items on there for you to select. If you don't see a item/colour/design you would like on there, then please get in touch and we can give you a quote that is more specific to what you would like to achieve.

PLEASE NOTE: Our hourly rate here is £40 an hour including VAT, materials will be charged on top this. You will be also charged if we need to considerably strip or disassemble an item/items once we receive it here. Ideally any thing you send us will need to be taken apart so that we can take your item/items, prep them, paint them, cure them and get them back to you as quickly as possible. As long as a job is straight forward, our turn around is 10-15 workings days. More complex job may take longer than this. 

Any quote, sent to you by us, are only estimate regarding price. We aim to give you an accurate estimate for the job you have asked us to undertake, but there may be extra charges involved if a job is more complex than first described. For example, if it takes longer or if more materials are used to complete the job or if we have to disassemble parts we were not expecting to, then this will increase the final cost of the job. However this can also work the other way and we do a job for you and it takes considerably less time or materials than we first quoted then we will reduce your final bill to reflect this.

Important Information

All items that you would like to be Cerakote coated will need to be fully stripped/disassembled before delivering parts to us. All Jobs will be dealt with on a first come first served basis and completed in 10-15 working days upon receipt of parts, this allows us to be fair to all customers and dedicate enough time to each job. We will also need a 20% deposit for all work to show your commitment to having the work done.