What is Cerakote?

Cerakote is the industry leaders in thin film ceramic coatings. By using Cerakote as a coating on your chosen item/items you will get the following results

- Minimal material build from the coating it's self, which means you won't have to worry about increase any dimensions of  your chosen item/items

- A tough coating that can with stand anything you throw at it. Cerakote will last 10 times longer than any other product on the market in a corrosion test, as well as being scratch resistance, with stand being dropped and even shot with minimal damage to the Cerakote coating it's self.

What can Cerakote be used on?

With these properties means Cerakote is ideal for parts that are used for the following: 

- cars

- motorcycles

- motorsport 

- airsoft

- air rifles

- paint ball guns

- firearms

- PCs

- gaming consoles

- gaming controllers

- key boards 

- other electronics

- household items such as door or draw handles
as well as this short list of item Cerakote can be used on most metals as well as plastics as well.

If your not sure if Cerakote would be suitable for you project, then please get in touch with us and we can advise you on what we can do for you.

How much does Cerakote cost?

Cost of having an item Cerakoted will vary on size and complexity of the item/items you wish to have Cerakoted. For smaller items such as a Computer mouse or barrel, start at £45. The price will go up for larger and more complex items. The price of a job will also go up for more complicated designs such as camo or two tone colour fades. Our hourly rate for all jobs is £40 an hour including VAT, materials are charged on top of this. 

The price you get, on the Cerakote ceramic coating page after filling in the boxes at the bottom is a quote/starting price this figure can and will go up, once we have gone through the finer details with you. 

Once we have gone through a job with you, the customer, you will be sent a final quote before any work begins. This final quote will be more inline with the final price. However if, once a job is under way, it becomes apparent that the job in question is going to take more time or more Cerakote to complete Cerakote Customs reserves the right to increase the final price to reflect that, especially if it wasn't made clear in the initial job discussion. This can work the other way as well, if a job takes a lot less time or less Cerakote to complete, then the final price will be altered to reflect this as well. No Job however will be charged less then the base rate of £45 (1 hours work at £40 and £5 for Cerakote used).

How Long will it take to get an item Cerakoted?

Most of the time our turn around is 10-15 working days, once an item arrives at our premises. With each job that we do here at Cerakote Customs we will aim to keep a customer updated through out the process with emails/messages and/or photos of the jobs progression through the various stages. The customer must bear in mind that this is not always possible especially through busier periods and constant emails/messages/phone calls can and will slow us down with your or another customers job.

If there is an issue while undertaking a job, such as the following:
- There is a problem with the job it's self i.e a colour doesn't come out right, an item gets damaged or a finished item doesn't meet our standards
- a member of our team is off sick or has unforeseen personal matters come up
- there is an unforeseen delay in getting a certain colour or material to complete a job
- a piece of equipment used in the process is in need of service/repair/replacement

Then we will contact customers regarding the matter/issues also letting them know what will happen next as well when our item is likely to be completed. Issues that arise during a job can and will increase the turn around time, but we will do our best to limited the extension on turn around time.

We will be closed for Bank holidays and all public holidays such as Christmas and New year. Any items that are with us before such holidays, we will aim to have finished and returned to the customer before these days. If you are due to due to drop off or post an item to of we will normally suggest delaying doing so, until after holiday periods, especially Christmas and new year.

When are you open?

We are open through out the week during the times stated below:

Monday        9am - 5pm
Tuesday       9am - 5pm
Wednesday  9am - 5pm 
Thursday      9am - 5pm
Friday           9am - 12pm
Saturday      Closed
Sunday        Closed

Bank holidays and Public holidays we are also closed. Our opening times on google will be kept up to date, so customer can see our latest opening and closing times, especially round public holidays.

The opening hours given are when we are contactable, items in for work may be worked on outside of these times stated.