Cerakote Ceramic Coating - Start Your Quote

Cerakote Ceramic Coating - Start Your Quote

Important Information

All items that you would like to be Cerakote coated will need to be fully stripped/disassembled before delivering parts to us. All Jobs will be dealt with on a first come first served basis and completed in 10-15 working days upon receipt of parts, this allows us to be fair to all customers and dedicate enough time to each job. We will also need a 20% deposit for all work to show your commitment to having the work done.

What is the benefit of Cerakote and what can id be used for?

Once applied Cerakote is tough enough to with stand what ever you throw at it. 

A Cerakoted item can withstand being dropped, scratch and even being left out in all weathers with out the risk of corrosion. 

With these properties, as well as resulting in minimal material build up, means Cerakote is ideal for parts that are used for the following: 

- cars

- motorcycles

- motorsport 

- airsoft

- air rifles

- paint ball guns

- firearms

- PCs

- gaming consoles

- gaming controllers

- key boards 

- other electronics

- household items such as door or draw handles

Cerakote Colours

Cerakote is a great way to add colour to any project.

On this page you will see a small selection of the colours we have in stock, 

for a full list of the colours available please click here

If you have selected a colour that we don't currently have in stock please quote the H number as well as the colour name, in the correct box below, so we can be sure of the colour you require.


Smaller single items, such as door handle or a barrel, start at £50. If you don't see the your item below or have larger and more complex items please get in touch first, so we can go through them with you.

Having multiple colours, High gloss/matte clear coat, colour fades or patterns will increase the price of the work. With any enquiry, you will receive a quote from us before any work is under taken.


You will need to complete at LEAST the top three drop down box below to procced with your quote.

The price you receive after filling in the boxes below is just a starting/guide price. 

Your final invoice may be more then this figure. 

Once we have received your work order we will be in touch, via email, to go into more detail. 

Most invoices are payable once the work is complete. For larger and more complex jobs you may be asked to pay a deposit to secure your work.

Please see our terms & conditions for further details on quotes & final price. 



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